26 May 2017

Botanical Inspired Roll Top Desk by Jonathon Marc Mendes

I'm thrilled to share this wonderful project from my Painter in Residence, Jonathon Marc Mendes. Sadly this is the last of the projects from his residency, but I know for certain that we'll be seeing much more from him!

As we've come to expect from Jonathon, this piece brings together gorgeous colour combinations, intricate techniques (including his inspired fossilised leaf technique) and bold typography.

Jonathon started by painting the inside of this roll-top desk with a mix of Chalk Paint™in Old Violet and French Linen. He painted thickly and then cracked the paint by applying direct heat from a hairdryer.

Using masking tape Jonathon masked off an area around the edges to create a border of natural, unpainted wood. He painted the ‘Office’ lettering by hand, using Old White and Graphite over the top of the surface painted in a mix of Antibes Green, Graphite and Old White. To give it that aged, speckled look Jonathon flicked a little paint off of the end of a small artist's brush.

The drawers and cubby holes inside the desk were painted in various mixes and shades of bright colours, such as that hot pink – created by mixing Henrietta together with a touch of Emperor’s Silk.

For the top front drawer, Jonathon created a leaf design using a handmade stencil and completed it by painting the detail in by hand.

On the middle drawer, Jonathon used a fossil leaf technique, which is essentially like using real leaves as a stamp! To try this technique yourself, press leaves in to paint, vein side down, and leave there until the paint is nearly dry. Then, to highlight the beautiful slightly 3D print that this creates, use a little Dark Chalk Paint® Wax.

On either side of the desk is the fantastic contemporary leaf detail, which Jonathon expertly hand painted using Antibes Green over a mix of Graphite and Antibes.

To finish the piece and to bring it all together, Jonathon used my Sanding Pads to lightly distress areas over the whole desk. He then applied a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to seal in the paint and protect his wonderful work.

So finally, thank you Jonathon for the constantly inspiring work that you create with my paint and products.  I know that you will continue to be a huge creative force for us all!



4 May 2017

Victorian Inspired G Plan Table by Jonathon Marc Mendes

Here's the latest project from my Painter in Residence Jonathon Marc Mendes. It has his stamp all over it: the thoughtful colour combinations, the clever mix of styles and influences, the excellent paintwork and, of course, typography!

This G Plan bent wood coffee table was picked up at a local junk shop. Jonathon was drawn to the waterfall edges and clean lines. It’s a classic example of 70s design, so Jonathon decided to keep some of the wood unpainted, and add an architectural heritage detail, in this case, his Victorian tile design.

The combination of the G Plan design and hand-painted geometric details creates a modern, interesting look that is pure Jonathon.

Using the famous tile company Minton as his inspiration, Jonathon first painted the base of the table in Old White. He then used various Chalk Paint® colours to create his tile design. Jonathan used mixes of Country Grey, Antibes Green, Graphite and English Yellow, but this look could easily be achieved with Honfleur and Amsterdam Green mixes too. The pop of Giverny really makes it sing!

Incredibly, Jonathan painted the majority of this design by hand! Lots of patience is required for this, but you can use a stencil to create a similar pattern. Try my stencil in Tallulah, for example.

He then painted the sides in a mix of Napoleonic Blue and Graphite for a deep navy, ready for the Minton typography, which he created with an acetate stencil.

A coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax was then applied over the whole piece, to protect the paint and give the woodwork a refresh too.

I love the modern, masculine styling of the piece. Those 1970’s stag carvings have been given a modern twist, diagonally painted in Old White to link to the piece of furniture. And that wall is a gorgeous backdrop in Aubusson Blue.

We’re nearing the end of Jonathon's residency, I have just one more project from him to share! It’s been a fantastic three months of inspirational work, and I’m not saying I’ve saved the best till last, but make sure to check back soon to judge for yourselves!



5 April 2017

Leather Look Chair by Painter in Residence Jonathon Marc Mendes!

Can you believe that this stunning leather look chair actually started life like the picture below? With the help of a little Chalk Paint® and Clear and Dark Chalk Paint® Wax, Jonathon Marc Mendes has turned a rather dated and old looking chair in to something classically timeless, oh so handsome and quintessentially British! 

Jonathon began by adding water to Chalk Paint® in Arles to create the consistency of thin milk. (This is a must when painting directly on to fabric - the paint needs to absorb in to the fibres.) He painted the entire fabric surface of the chair with this base colour.

Once the first coat was dry, Jonathon added a touch of Primer Red to the watered down Arles mix - this created a gorgeous, warm colour that Jonathon began gradually layering on to the chair. To create an authentic leather look, the last coat of paint was applied fairly thickly so that the seat pad would crack, just like aged leather does!

Inspired by typography seen on old clock faces and coffee sacks, Jonathon created his own stencils using card. Once the painted fabric had dried, Jonathon applied his stencil designs to the chair using a Stencil Brush and Chalk Paint® in Graphite.

And now for the wax! Because Jonathon wanted a true leather feel to his chair, he finished the piece with wax, however if you just wanted to alter the colour of your chair, there is no need to wax as the watered down paint will have absorbed in to the fibres. Take a look at my video here to see this in action.

To create that gorgeous aged leather look Jonathon applied a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax all over, and then, using a Wax Brush, Jonathon applied Dark Chalk Paint® Wax to the surface, paying particular attention to the edges and purposefully creating patchy darker areas to add to the overall authenticity. Over time the wax will act just like real leather, cracking on the surface.

Residual Chalk Paint® Wax was then used on the woodwork, adding that final, luxurious finish.

Well done, Jonathon, what a glorious way to use my paint and products.



29 March 2017

#25 Project Transformation 9: Nagymaros, Hungary!

How wonderful to feature this lovely #25Project all the way from the picturesque little town located on the banks of the Danube, Nagymaros. Below are photos of the transformation, but do also check out this video by a local news station too. My Hungarian may not be up to scratch but I can see the fabulous work that was put in to this whole project very clearly!

The wonderful volunteers! 
The cultural centre is used for concerts, children's theatre, choir and dance rehearsals and exhibitions by the local community, but was in desperate need of some love and attention as it hadn't been updated for 24 years! 
Before. The space hadn't been updated for 24 years! 
The wonderful and hands-on Eniko, my Hungarian distributor, along with a local community hero Katalin, rallied around volunteers and stockists for 4 days of transformation, working from their lovely mood board. 

The mood boards for the space, with Chalk Paint® and Coloured Linen. 
First came the upholstery workshop where nearly 50 chairs were painted and given new fabric from my Coloured Linens.
Chairs reupholstered in Coloured Linen
Then the great hall and smaller areas were all given an update with Chalk Paint®, Wax and Stencils. I especially love the stairs leading up to the stage, painted in Aubusson Blue and Paris Grey and finished with a thin coat of Lacquer

The stairs, painted in Aubusson Blue and Paris Grey
The best thing about this transformation is that the work by the wonderful volunteers has led to other acts of goodwill and generosity that has meant that the centre now has repaired walls, ceiling and new curtains too! 

Thank you to all people who have worked on this project, what a fantastic asset to a wonderful town! 



17 March 2017

Art Deco Inspired Scene by Painter in Residence Jonathon Marc Mendes

This delightful Art Deco scene was created by my Painter in Residence Jonathon Marc Mendes using Chalk Paint®Clear Chalk Paint® Wax and Brass Leaf. That lovely little table was picked up at a local junk shop for a mere £5! Jonathon transformed its look with a striking 1930s font and chevron design. 

Jonathon started by lightly sanding the melamine tabletop to create a rough texture for the paint to adhere to. He then painted two coats of Old White to form the background of his design. Marking his designs out in pencils first, he painted the chevrons in a monochrome palette of Graphite, French Linen and a mix of them both for a lovely gradient. Gold Size was applied in squares on the tabletop and on the edge of the table, ready for Brass Leaf.


Jonathon then mixed Arles, Emperor’s Silk and Old White to paint the table legs and the lamp. The colour is very similar to Scandinavian Pink, just a little warmer. A coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax seals the work, and leaves the surface wipeable.

The overall look is chic and stylish, perfectly elegant and very Jonathon Marc Mendes. Perfect work!

Have you been inspired by the Art Deco look in your home? Let me know by tagging me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @anniesloanhome



14 March 2017

#25Project Transformation 8: Viborg, Denmark!

Today I'm sharing the 8th transformation from the #25Project - from The Center for Mestring in Viborg, Denmark. The centre offers rehabilitation, education and activities for local people with mental health difficulties.

Users of the centre have access to the wonderful 'Recycle' workshop where the users get to paint, recycle and upcycle anything they can get their hands on, they then hold exhibitions to showcase and sell their work. The 'Recycle' garage space was the focus for the #25Project makeover, as it was an old, dark and uninspiring space in desperate need of some attention.

The project got off to a wonderful start with a workshop for users and volunteers, hosted by Claus and Jacob of C. Frohns Brugskunst, the local stockist based in Høvjslev. After the workshop the users got together to collaboratively create a vision board for the space and to discuss the changes that they'd like to make to the decor.

And haven't they done a fab job? I love the chairs that have been upholstered in my Coloured Linen, they look so cosy and comfortable. That mural, drawn by Anne who uses the centre, is excellent too. I love the owl, and the tree painted in Chalk Paint® in Honfleur and Amsterdam Green.

I love that this was a collaborative project from start to finish, and that the users of the centre now not only have the space to create but also new skills too! Well done and thank you to all involved!



3 March 2017

Vintage painted sideboard by Jonathon Marc Mendes

When I announced that Jonathon Marc Mendes would be my latest Painter in Residence on Monday, the response from you was phenomenal. If you are already familiar with Jonathan's work, I'm sure you'll be excited to see what he has created for his residency, and this incredible piece will surely not disappoint.

Inspired by Jonathan's love of typography, vintage signs, bygone circus and fairground imagery, this piece is beautifully crafted to create a sense of history.

Using Aubusson Blue for the main body, Jonathon used a variety of Chalk Paint® colours to create a rich, moody and slightly masculine colour palette.  I love the addition of Brass Leaf – it gives a real sense of faded grandeur. Lashings of Dark Chalk Paint® Wax over the paint just add to the story.

Jonathan expertly hand painted all the imagery and fonts you see here. If you want to create something similar, but are a little afraid of hand painting designs yourself, why not try my Image Medium? Transferring printed images is really simple if you know how, just take a look at one of my previous blog posts to find out how.

So what do you think of this Jonathan's first project as Painter in Residence? Has it inspired you to include typography in your own work? Let me know by tagging me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @anniesloanhome. 



2 March 2017

#25 Project Transformation 7: Hinckley, UK!

This great 25 Project transformation comes to you from the North of England. Hinckley Homeless Group has provided services for local young homeless since 1992. The wonderful work that they do, providing a safe and secure place for those in need, shows through the people who work there but unfortunately the communal lounge was in need of a little love and attention.

My Stockists came together for this transformation, including the wonderful Chalk and Linen Atherstone, Izzy Loops, and Chalk and Linen Coleshill. What I love about this whole project is that the style was dictated by the young residents, who wanted an industrial look inspired by London.

My stockists after all their hard work! Thank you! 
Using an industrial London look they've created a cool communal space. 
Volunteers and Stockists busy at work! 
I think I'll let the photos speak for themselves as you can see what incredible hard work and dedication went into this project.

Russ from Chalk and Linen made some incredible pieces of furniture by hand from scaffolding! 
Lots of work went in to the cushions and curtains, using my fabrics and Coloured Linen. 

The finished room, including Coloured Linen cushions, new curtains and hand made scaffolding furniture!
I hear that the residents are thrilled with their cool new communal area, which is what this whole project is all about after all. I want to say a big thank you to the volunteers and stockists who took part for all of their incredible work! 



27 February 2017

My latest Painter in Residence: Jonathon Marc Mendes!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that my latest Painter in Residence: Jonathon Marc Mendes!

Based in Lincolnshire, UK, I am sure that lots of you know his work, which he shares over on his Facebook page, Jonathon Marc Mendes - Painted Love. Over the years, I have loved seeing his confidence in his own ability grow, and here you can see just a few of the projects that I have enjoyed seeing from him recently.

Jonathan is a supremely talented painter whose work spans many different styles, and is at once both steeped in history and yet utterly suited to modern interiors.

The work that he has created as my Painter in Residence is unlike any of his work that I have seen previously. I cannot wait to share the projects with you, the first which will be revealed very, very soon!

Keep an eye out on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page: @anniesloanhome to keep up to date with my Painters in Residence!



25 February 2017

The final projects from my Painter in Residence, Hanayuishi Takaya

As his residency draws to a close, I wanted to share some more images from my Painter in Residence Hanayuishi Takaya in Japan.

I've adored having him as my Painter in Residence – his artistry is unlike anything I have seen before. The Cube Headdresses above have been so beautifully crafted. I love how the painted cubes look like they are precariously tumbling. Mr Takaya hand painted each side of each cube in a different Chalk Paint® colour. The end result is whimsical, sweet and full of quirky character.

He replicated this effect in the image below where he painted squares of colour on the wall, making the perfect backdrop for his floral work.

So, a final thank you to the incredible Mr. Takaya and his fabulous work with my paint and products. In case you missed them, do also take a look at at his other painted projects: his Floral Furniture Headdresses and Man with Koi.

I will be announcing my next Painter in Residence very soon. Watch this space and do make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more!




24 February 2017

How to use my Stencil Collection to create pattern

I created the designs in my Stencil Collection to be diverse in style and to work perfectly as on their own, as well as together. I love creating new unique patterns by overlapping one, two or three different stencils. This overprinting is one of my favourite techniques – and today I’m sharing my top tips on how to get a cohesive look (hint – it’s all about colour!)

Stencilled school desk

I always let the shape and style of furniture guide me when it comes to adding a design or creating a pattern. The inspiration for the vintage school desk came from the graffitied desks that we can all remember from schools. I replaced the graffiti with my stencils and ran with the idea, using every single one of the stencils in my collection on this one desk! To counteract the busyness of the pattern, I kept to a simple monochrome colour palette, using Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey as the base colour and Old White for the stencils. To give the piece a lift of colour, I added pops of Barcelona Orange and Provence. I finished with a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax which keeps it wipeable (and resistant to any real life graffiti)! The end result is fun, a little cheeky and full of creativity.

Tip: Don’t worry about things getting too overcrowded here. If things start to look cluttered, you can paint over any areas that you aren't happy with.

If I’m using just one stencil but want to create an interesting, overlapping pattern I turn my focus to the colours I’ll be using. I will use a base colour, mid tone and lighter shade. This is so there is enough variation between the colours for the pattern to be seen without getting lost.

In the image above, you can see a pattern I created by overprinting with my Petrushka Stencil. The pattern is loose and random, but the colours are carefully thought through. Here, I chose Antoinette as the background, and then used Aubusson Blue and Barcelona Orange, blending them together in areas and then lightening them with a little Old White.

If you want to see my overlapping stencil technique in action, take a look at my YouTube stencil tutorial here.

My philosophy is very much of a free style of working which is why I love playing with stencils. I don’t like things to be too measured, or precise, and I certainly don’t want to get so bogged down in details that I can’t see when something is right just as it is. The devil may be in the detail, but sometimes you have to rip up the rule book and enjoy finding out where it can take you!

As ever, please share your pictures or tweet your pictures using #anniesloan and make sure you follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @anniesloanhome



17 February 2017

Gilded Trunk

I'm so excited finally to introduce my new Gilding Wax. I have lots of inspiring projects to share with you that feature the wax – and I can't wait to see how you use this new product, too!

My Gilding Wax comes in five colours: Warm Gold, Bright Gold, Dark Silver, Bright Silver and Copper. Whatever colour you choose, the wax is perfect for bringing out carvings and details on furniture – or even for doing something a little more adventurous, just like this painted trunk!

This project comes from my son, Felix, who works with me at Annie Sloan HQ and is the co-author on my book 'Room Recipes for Style and Colour'. He transformed this old chest with Chalk Paint® and three Gilding Wax colours. I love the contrast between the Gilding Wax and the rich blues he painted on the chest. The overall look is modern and bohemian.

If you'd like to try this project at home, you will need: 

Step One – Using a Pure Bristle Brush, paint your trunk in Aubusson Blue all over, moving the brush in every direction to create a textured finish.  

Step Two – Once the paint has dried, use my frottage technique to create a distressed look. Mix water with Graphite to around the quantity of single cream. Moving quickly, paint an area with this wash and then before it has dried, place a crumpled piece of newspaper over the top. Gently remove the newspaper to reveal the patterned paintwork underneath. Repeat all over the piece. Paint little squares in Florence on the bottom corners of the trunk.

Step Three – Once you are happy with the paint finish, apply a quick coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax all over.

Step Four – Use masking tape to mark out your design for gilding. Make sure to gently place the tape down so as to not remove any of your lovely paintwork when you peel it back! 

Step Five – Apply Gilding Wax using a wax brush, working the wax in as you go. You want to create movement in the finish so apply all three wax colours unevenly, highlighting different areas with Copper in some places or Bright Gold in another. Don't be afraid if some of the blue paintwork shows through, you want the overall look to feel aged and distressed. If you have brushed any Gilding Wax in a place you didn't want it to appear, you can use Clear Chalk Paint® Wax as an eraser, applying it over the top and rubbing the excess away.

Step Six – Once the Gilding Wax has dried, carefully remove the masking tape. And there you have it! If you want you extra shine, you can also give the whole surface a light buff the next day.

Has this inspired you to use my Gilding Wax? What will be your first project with this new product? Let me know by using the hashtag #AnnieSloanGildingWaxes and tagging me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @anniesloanhome



10 February 2017

#25 Project Transformation 6: South Africa!

Three little ones enjoying their new crèche! 

Welcome to the first #25Project transformation of 2017! I can't think of a better project to start off the new year with than this one from South Africa.

Intandokazi crèche in the Nkobongo Township was in desperate need of attention when it was nominated for a transformation. Even though owner Dudu had made every effort to create a safe and fun learning space for the 92 children in her care, the crèche was still in a sorry state. What did shine through the photos I saw was the love Dudu has for each of the little ones that arrived day after day, so it's just perfect that a place that means 'most loved' has been given a new lease of life thanks to the work of over 50 incredible volunteers – and a whole lot of paint!

The incredibly humble and hardworking Dudu behind her favourite Barcelona Orange door
The crèche before the transformation
Although filled with love, the space was in dire need of attention. 
The space before.
The transformation begins! Along with the local community and local counsellors, the team was joined by stockists, customers and distributors from all over South Africa.
I love how joyful and colourful these photos are!
The incredible volunteers get started.
Bright and bold colours bring cheer and joy! 
The place is ready! Those colourful hooks were once workshop boards from a stockist of mine.

All the children and staff from the crèche in front of the amazing mural the volunteers painted.

The amount of work put in by the army of volunteers has been staggering. Inside and out has been completely remodelled, with walls knocked down, insulation installed, new floors, doors and windows, and even a new roof! It just goes to show that with just a little kindness, a whole world can be transformed.

Not only that, but this is just the beginning for this little crèche. There are big plans afoot to create a new playground, improve the sanitation and water facilities plus much, much more. I personally want to thank each and every person involved, and cannot wait to keep up with all the ongoing work that Dudu has planned!